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Carolyn Dean MD ND, The Doctor of the Future
When your body is strong, attractive and full of energy you automatically feel better about yourself. You're more confident and able to face the challenges of day-to-day life.

Like a well kept automobile, when you look after your body it takes you where you want to go in life. You're more productive at work. You're able to be of greater service to your family, your community, your church, your friends, your country.

When you take care of your body, you're also taking care of your mind and your soul. You are able to concentrate. You can focus on tasks without getting bored. Your work becomes merely play with a purpose. You are able to progress spiritually without physical illness getting in the way.

I've Dedicated My Life to Helping People
Experience As Much Health as They Possibly Can

Dr. Dean boogie boardng the specific
I started boogie boarding when I was sixty. That's what real health is about!
Just between you and me… in 2009 I turned 60. Yet I feel healthier than when I was 40. I'm boogie boarding in the Pacific each day for the first time in my life. I moved to the exotic island of Maui. I'm writing books and working on the internet.

I don't say this to brag… but to show you that I'm living proof that you're not too old, too stubborn or too far-gone to be experiencing better health.

That's why (back when I was still 59) I began my Completement Now! Total Wellness Program. I wanted to show people, step-by-step, how to adopt the type of natural health lifestyle that I believe the doctors of the future will prescribe for their patients.

"It really has been much more than expected."

Member after member wrote in saying how much the information and guidance they received in each week's module exceeded their expectations…

"I already felt I’d gotten my money’s worth several modules back!" – Joan K.

"Every part of it so far – that I have done and am including in my daily life – has really helped me to cope with the many ‘surprises’ in getting to 85 years of age.” – MK

"I look forward to each week's module because the information is so helpful.  And abundant!  It really has been much more than expected." – Nadine Mikkelsen

A Prescription from the Future...

A hundred years from today, I expect Completement Now! will be the type of wellness program that doctors of the future prescribe for their patients.

Today, I’m offering you the opportunity to start experiencing the future right now.

But instead of adding another 200-page volume to your health library – only furthering your information indigestion – my Completement Now! program works differently…

Not Another Book, Course or Ebook

Completement Now! is a series of 104 weekly "consulting sessions in print." Every seven days, I guide you step-by-step on how to add natural practices to your daily routine. Daily consistency will give you the best chance at lasting physical and mental health.

I want to help you to finally adopt a health program you can easily follow and then forget about having to “do” anything (because it’s now part of who you are).

An End to Health Information Overload!

So that you can make Completement Now! a part of your life, I deliver the program from my 40+ years of experience and research...

Cover of Future Health Now! by Dr. Carolyn Dean
The cover to the first instalment of the 104 module Completement Now! wellness program with Dr. Carolyn Dean. Click here to sample the the program for free. Or click here join the program and gain immediate access to the first five modules..
  • One Module at a Time – Each module averages five pages in length (some are longer, some are shorter) focusing on a specific strategy from one of my Seven Pillars of Health.
  • Every 7 Days: Each module arrives weekly giving you plenty of time to read and apply.
  • Electronically: The modules are sent as PDF files, avoiding the expense of paper and postage – giving you the flexibility to print and collect each module in a binder or simply read them online anywhere, anytime from our download centre. (Or just print the particular pages you want and save on ink.)
  • Only For 2 Years – This is not a membership program that goes on forever. In a less than two years you will have completed the entire program. 

Even if I were to send you all 780+ pages today… And even if you could read all 780+ pages over the new few days… How could you realistically process and apply the information? It would likely sit in the back of your mind causing even more confusion.

With the weekly delivery, in bite-sized pieces, I allow you to focus on…

Life-Changing Action Over
Endless "Intellectual Entertainment"

Not only do I break it up for you, but I boil it down and make it practical. For each strategy I…

1) Tell you exactly what you need to do.

2) Show you how to do it.

3) Explain how to know if it's helping or not.

4) And let you know the basics of why it works.

This isn't a bloated college course or bookstore blockbuster that labours through every theory and debatable issue. Instead, this is a program, with step-by-step guidelines for improving your level of physical vitality, mental sharpness and sense of contentment. Each Module builds upon the previous – slowly adding health-enhancing disciplines to your daily lifestyle.

Click here to get started or continue reading to find out more…

My Seven Pillars of Health

In Completement Now! I simplify the complexities of health into "Seven Pillars" that you need to support your body and mind…

Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar One: Vitalizing Foods – For 47 of the 104 weeks, we'll work together to create a daily meal plan that you can actually follow, find satisfying and not think twice about. We cover protein needs, food intolerances, sweeteners, the dairy conundrum, the truth about fats, all kinds of teas, herbs and spices, fruits and veggies, meat, vegetarian alternatives, juicing, how to get clean water, legumes, grains, breads, chocolate, coffee, fasting, nuts, seeds, broth, raw food, cooked food, condiments, fiber and even how to eat, chew and balance it all.
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Two: Personal Care – In 19 of the modules I'll share strategies about skin and hair care, sun exposure, repelling mosquitoes, staying cavity-free, underarm deodorant, clearing your sinus cavity, cleansing baths, oil pulling, oral hygiene, saunas, make-up, self-massage and even show you how to… properly sit on a toilet!
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Three: Energizing Exercise – I'll help you develop a routine with a variety of 17 fitness practices. Try body weight exercises from the wrestlers of ancient India, easy gymnastic warm-ups, stomach toners, back strengtheners, "running 2.0", office work-outs and the five most important yoga stretches.
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Four: Super Nutrients – In Completement Now! I introduce you to the top 19 herbs, supplements and superfoods I recommend and use. Modules include: Mineral supplements your body can actually absorb, protein shakes, sex hormone balancers, spirulina, green powders, adrenal support, colon cleansers, thyroid boosters, heavy-metal purifiers, super foods, digestive aids, non-synthetic vitamins, goji berries and more. To remain unbiased, I’m not selling products, I’m just pointing you to what works.
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Five: Living Space – In 17 of the 104 modules we'll transform your living space -- aesthetically, electromagnetically, chemically – so that it helps, not hinders your health. I cover safe cookware, living with technology, taming your TV, mastering the media, non-toxic cleaning products, dealing with carpets and mold, natural and mechanical air purifiers, organic gardening, grounding and even a little feng-shui.
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Six: Rejuvenating Sleep – I'll share with you 17 strategies for getting to sleep faster, going deeper and feeling more refreshed in the morning. The strategies involve: Sleeping without electricity, darkness and melatonin, body temperature, timing and routine, mattresses, inducing delta brain waves, overcoming restlessness, sun alarms, bedtime snacks, eliminating stimulants, relaxation methods, improving air quality and electromagnetic radiation.
Dr.Carolyn  Dean eating raw food Pillar Seven: Mind Over Matter – Throughout Completement Now! I'll introduce you to 20 strategies for relieving stress, self-healing and building your mental powers. Mind sharpeners include: reprogramming your subconscious, backwards walking, stimulating the placebo effect, avoiding the nocebo effect, psycho cybernetics, attitude boosters, "relax and allow," memory games, creating a supportive community, organization strategies, Emotional Freedom Techniques, affirmations and I can even help you develop a personal prayer and meditation routine.

Unlimited Access to Updates

Another reason why I prefer the electronic delivery format is that I can easily update the modules. Whenever I add new information, clarification or answers to readers' questions I'll send you an email letting you know about the update. You can then log into the download centre to view or download the improved module.

Not a Cookie-Cutter Health Program

I encourage you to TEST each strategy in Completement Now! See how it works in the "laboratory" of your own life.

I usually give a few variations. Not everything I suggest will work for you.

Not everything in Completement Now! works for me – either because my body doesn’t respond to it or it doesn't fit into my lifestyle – yet those same strategies works wonders for many Completement Now! members.

In some cases, you may simply want to add a "low-key" version of a strategy to your life. Maybe that's all you need. I'm very specific and step-by-step in the program – but I leave enough wiggle room that you can make it your own.

Now, once in a while someone says to me: "I'd really like to join but I can't afford it. First off, the program is only $10/month. If you can't budget that you probably can't budget the internet connection to be reading this right now. Secondly...

Can You Afford NOT to Join?

calculator, tax forms, money, pen and glasses
Your ability to earn and save money is so closely linked to your health.

During these times of financial troubles, you can't afford to be missing work and missing pay because you fall sick. You also need to be at your physical and mental best, because every day a growing number of unemployed are competing for your job.

And you certainly do not want to deal with expensive medical care costs if things get out of hand. Can you really afford to put out money and time for doctors, treatments and expensive supplements to deal with preventable health problems? And how long until insurance companies and big businesses start slashing benefits?

My clients pay me $200 an hour for my telephone consultations. Each module of Completement Now! takes about 20 minutes to read. If that was a consult with a naturopath it would cost about $66 (that's $264 a month!).

So you see… I could have easily charged $45 a month or more for this type of information.  But that would mean many people would not be able to access it. Instead, I've made sure it costs only 33 cents a day..

Click here to join now or continue reading for more information…

Get Instant Access to
Module 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Even if it is 3 a.m. Sunday morning, once you complete the payment process you will receive a password giving you instant access to Module 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. (Modules 1-4 are also available as a free sample, and you can read more about it or obtain a copy by clicking here). Then over the following three weeks you'll receive modules 6, 7 and 8. Here's just a glimpse of what modules 5, 6, 7 and 8 include...

Dr. Dean in front of a table of beef, eggs, fish, nuts, cheese, power bars and eggs.
Fish, beef, eggs, nuts, legumes, dairy... spell protein. Find out how to get neither too much nor too little.
  Module 5: The Power of Protein: Many people today are not getting enough protein — either because they fill up on carbs, follow an improper vegetarian diet or they're trying to save money. Yet without protein you won't have enough muscle with which to expend energy. In module 5 I show you how to determine your unique protein needs and how to meet them each day.
Dr. Dean bent forward performing the stomach vacuuum exercise in her backyard.
Performing the stomach vacuum exercise in my backyard before eating.
  Module 6: The Stomach Vacuum : This exercise from ancient India will tone your colon to the point — legend has it — that you'll be able to digest rocks. It feels a little strange at first as it involes moving your internal organs around. It sure does "wake up" your entire gastro-intestinal-tract. Get all the details in the sixth week of the program.
Dr. Dean holding two black iron frying pans in her kitchen.
Iron cookware has been used for thousands of years and is perfectly safe (unless you use it as a weapon!).
Module 7: Cookware So Safe You Can Cook With It: Sadly, many manufacturers will happily sell you pots, pans and baking dishes that use dangerous materials. In this module I go down the totem poll of safe cookware. While good cookware isn't cheap, I do have a few tips at the end for getting safe pots and pans at a bargain.
Dr. Dean walking backwards in her backyard..
Doing some backwards walking in my backyard in Maui.
  Module 8: Backwards Walking: Sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it? Well, Asians have been walking backwards for thousands of years. It stregthens your lower back, burns ten times more calories than going foward and makes you more conscious. Plus it improves brain function, balance, hearing and vision. Get detailed instructions in week 8.

Completement Now! : Your 104 Modules

Here is the list of modules that are on their way to you. There may be some that don't apply to your life but many that do !

1. Eat What Your Ancestors Ate
2. Old Fashion Vitamin C
3. Nasal Lubrication
4. Sleeping Without Electricity
5. The Power of Protein
6. The Stomach Vacuum
7. Safe Cookware
8. Backwards Walking
9. Beefing Up
10. How to Sit on the Toilet
11. B Calm
12. Melatonin Magic
13. Dairy Dichotomy
14. Maximizing Magnesium
15. Placebo Power
16. Nuts and Seeds
17. Relearning to See
18. Reducing Wireless Worries
19. Not to Little, Nor Too Much
20. Taming the TV (Part 1)
21. Body Temperature and Sleep
22. Fish for Thought
23. Super Squats
24. Taming the TV (Part 2)
25. Maximizing Absorption by Chewing
26. Chlorine-Free Bathing
27. Flaxseed: The Forgotten Superfood
28. Eggs: A Nutritional Storehouse
29. Safe Commercial Cleaning Supplies
30. Theatre of the Mind
31. Special Feature: Liver Snacking
32. Taming the Tongue: Moderate Eating
33. How to Safely Stop Armpit Odor
34. Psyllium Seed Husk
35. Yeast-Free Eating: Is it for You?
36. The Cobra
37. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
38. An Overdue Review
39. How to Eat Leftovers Without The Mold, Yeast and Bacteria
40. Brain Fitness Games
41. Carpet Care
42. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
43. Calling All Chickens
44. Sensuous Stretching
45. Unrecognized Leftovers
46. Chewing Chia
47. Wheat Withdrawal
48. Natural Bedtime Remedies
49. Negating the Nocebo
50. Gargling and Snorting
51. Fermented Dairy
52. The Breath of Life
53. Homemade Green Drinks
54. Purifying the Air
55. Intuitive Eating
56. Eating and drinking Before Bed
57. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
58. Milk Substitutes
59. Coconut and Sesame Oil Pulling
60. Working At A Pedestal Desk
61. Sugar Avoidance
62. Savoring Cilantro
63. Weekly Fasting
64. Mind-Dump Your To Do List
65. The Law of Attraction
66. Caring For Your Teeth & Gums
67. Safe Sprouting
68. Moving Through Your Day
69. Detoxifying with Chlorella
70. Healthy Cooking
71. Friendly Fats & Oils
72. Meet Your Mattress
73. Walking Meditation & Prayer
74. Self-Massage
75. Sugar Substitutes
76. Spinal Twist
77. Enhancing Your Digestive Enzymes
78. Eliminate Mold & Mildew
79. Protein Powders
80. Pillow Talk
81. Ho'oponopono
82. Poo-Free Hair
83. Herbs and Spices
84. Strengthening Your Core
85. Introducing Iodine
86. Organic Farming
87. Eat Your Vegetables & Fruit
88. Angstrom Minerals
89. Synchronicity
90. Sunlight & Vitamin D
91. Combining with Legumes
92. Powerful Probiotics
93. Great Grains
94. Five Body Theory
95. Water, Water Everywhere
96. Therapies While You Sleep
97. Healing Your Health Story with EFT
98. iON
99. Juice & Blend
100. SuperBrain Yoga
101. Water, Clay & Magnesium
102. Earthing & Grounding
103. Bach Flower Remedies
104. The Sunset of Future Health Now!

Click here to join Completement Now! and get instant access to the first five weeks of the program..

Be the Future You Want to See Come About

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We know we can't rely on government to bring about true health reform.

Don't wait for government to bring about true health reform. In order for people to be truly healthy, they have to take responsibility for their health. How can any government force people to eat right, brush their teeth, exercise, take super-nutrients, sleep deeply or think good thoughts? That's not the role of the government.

How can even a doctor "make" people healthy? As an old Chinese proverb goes, you're only wasting the skills of a doctor if you're ignoring the basic day-to-day practices that keep you feeling young.

I’ve broken those day-to-day practices down for you. Completement Now! requires less than 30 minutes of your time each week to review and start applying each of the 104 modules.

Why wait for a paradigm shift you won’t be alive to see? Embrace the future of health now with my Completement Now! program. Start today! And without your left hand knowing what your right hand is up to… in no time you could be experiencing a level of health you thought unreachable.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Doctor of the Future

P.S. If you have questions about the Completement Now! program that I didn't cover above, please don't hesitate to contact me or the info desk. We'll be glad to answer them.

Over 40 Years of Experience

  rainbow on coast of maui
Dr. Dean working from her home in Maui.

In 1978 I graduated from one of the most difficult medical schools in North America, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. We were required to complete third year American medical board exams to pass our second year. I've since expanded my health expertise far beyond conventional medicine to include a degree in naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition and acupuncture.

Even in my teens I studied health and lived in Los Angeles where I met and was inspired by many of the health pioneers.

I ran my own family practice in Ontario for 13 years, worked as an HIV researcher in New York for several years and will have my 20th book published in 2010. My library includes The Yeast Connection and Women's Health, IBS for Dummies, IBS Cookbook for Dummies and The Magnesium Miracle.

Along with writing, Completement Now!, and regular media appearances, I continue a telephone consulting practice from my home in Maui. Best of all, I turned 60 in March of 2009 and I feel healthier than when I was 40 thanks to the information I share with you in Completement Now!

For more information about me and how I might be qualified to guide you for the next 2 years on adopting a healthier lifestyle you can click here to read more.